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Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Since its founding, social responsibility has been one of Mendes Júnior’s pillars, with focus on three main points: to invest financial resources, to encourage volunteer work, and to provide support for the communities surrounding its projects. 
Financial Resources

Mendes Júnior invests close to R$ 1.5 million annually in institutions committed to social causes, such as: the Associação Mineira de Reabilitação (AMR), the Associação dos Catadores de Papelão e Material Reaproveitável (Asmare) and the Serviço Voluntário de Assistência Social (Servas). 
Encouraging Volunteer Work
Company employees are encouraged to participate in charity work and to volunteer their expertise through activities to support social projects. The activities include business administrative and financial management support, information technology, entertainment, leisure and donations, among others.
Support for Communities
Mendes Júnior has always valued respect and solidarity with the communities surrounding its projects. The company not only keeps a direct and transparent communication between the project managers and the communities, but also conducts projects that support local social institutions. 

For Mendes Júnior, social responsibility is not only the engagement in social actions; but also the development of a respectful relationship with its employees, clients, competitors, partners, and the environment. For the company, the practice of these two principles is essential to receive recognition for its corporate social responsibility activities, as well as to maintain a corporate culture focused on the communities’ well-being and development.

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