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9/4/2014 4

Mendes Júnior conducts 19 volunteer projects in six Brazilian states

The activities are related to the Volunteer Day (V Day) and strives to generate greater social engagement of employees
Mendes Junior values human relationships and supports various actions in favor of egalitarian social development. This year the company will again mobilize its employees during the week in which V Day is celebrated for active volunteering for solidarity.
Celebrated always on the last Sunday of August, the date for this celebration in the year 2014 will be August 31st. On this date, 23 units of Mendes Júnior will participate in 19 activitiesperformed in six states. Three hundred and twenty three (323) volunteers will be involved in activities and more than 1,500 peoplewill directly benefit from these actions.
Mendes Júnior’s activities will occur between the 23rd and 31st of August and will involvepicnics to circus performances to blood donation campaigns.
This is the 13thtime in which Mendes Júnior has participated in V Day since it was created and coordinated by the Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais (FIEMG) in 2000.  Since then, Mendes Júnior has performed 150 actions around the country, and mobilized nearly 2,900 volunteers, which has benefited more than 15,000 people.
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